Mario Kart 7 Steering Peripheral: First Images

Well, for those of you who liked the second analog stick, you are going to love this. In accordance with Mario Kart 7, Nintendo is going to release another peripheral that is a steering wheel. This will give players a more real feel when they are steering through the tracks of MK7. This is similar to the steering wheel add on for the Wii Mote in accordance to Mario Kart Wii​. Here are the first images of this add on.

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MoXxXi2434d ago

Ugh Nintendo....not again....

badz1492433d ago

WTH? aside from external mic, camera and GPS adopted by the PSP, no other peripheral will suit a handheld and this is the pinnacle of RIDICULOUSNESS!

ronin4life2433d ago

Nintendo isn't making it. Hori is.

Kain812433d ago

oh yeah this is what a handheld needs, more Peripherals

meowthemouse2433d ago

Its what handhelds need! At long last! The console experience at the palm of your hands!

MasterCornholio2433d ago

It's the return of the batarang.

Lol all these optional accessory that Nintendo makes are butt ugly. The worst one had to be the slide pad accessory.


chanmasta2433d ago

If you had to design one for the 3DS, how would yours look then?

While I think it's pretty stupid making another peripheral for the 3DS, they done a good job.

MasterCornholio2433d ago

More like a steering wheel than a batarang. Similar to the ones go karts use but smaller.


matey2433d ago

i like tilt steering its mint on F12009/MKWii so to bring that to 3DS im happy with that

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