Battlefield 3 PC Crash Fix and Fixes to Freezes, Errors, Stuttering, FPS, Lag, Mouse, Origins Crash

While BF3 is slowly being rolled out worldwide on the Origins platform (complaints reserved for a separate topic), lots of crashes are being figured out by the gaming community. This page lists working crash fixes based on these feedback.

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Omega Archetype2428d ago

Battlelog kept giving me errors. That's about the only issue I had with it last night.

solar2428d ago

This is why i didnt take today off work. DICE are terrible at launching broken games.

rattletop2428d ago

i suppose u meant 'terrible at launching polished games' lol

DirtyLary2428d ago

same. I took Friday/Monday.

4 Day geek out.

hadriker2428d ago

If you would read the actual article, all the listed bugs are extremely minor and most have to do with issues out of Dice's control, like MS c++ needing to be reinstalled, or driver updates, or issues with getting it to launch via steam (which isn't even supported as of yet)

This is easily the smoothest BF launch I've ever seen.

AzaziL2427d ago

I was pleasantly surprised at the launch, last years BC2 launch was a lagfest and "cannot connect to ea servers" disaster. This year, the worst it got was some rubberband lag for a few seconds every now and then.

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Plagasx2428d ago

I get weird mouse stuttering issues...

I have a cooler master Storm Sentinel..

Angels37852427d ago

You probably have a nVidia card right? Rollback your drivers. The BF3 ones are faulty.

Gambero2427d ago

I had absolutely ZERO issues with the PC launch. Pre-loaded just fine, unlocked at the time it said it would, and played great for the few hours I played it. No lag, no issues whatsoever. Loving it!