NZ Herald: Uncharted 3 Review

Uncharted 3 has, like its two predecessors, lifted the gaming bar, providing a brilliant-paced title that draws in shooter, puzzle and platform aspects for a complete package built around a story that rivals the best adventures ever told.

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MultiConsoleGamer2433d ago

The perfect scores just keep rolling in!

ABizzel12433d ago

The last 10 or so reviews I've seen have all been perfect scores, so hopefully this will bring the meta up (not that it needs it), but there's still that awful X-Play review that gave it a 4/5.

Most likely going to be my personal GOTY, but I think GOTY is going to Batman or Skyrim just because they're the only games capable of competing with Uncharted 3 this year.

TrevorPhillips2433d ago

This and Skyrim I am really looking forward too! :D

The_Devil_Hunter2433d ago

Lol man my grandmother has the same picture as your avatar in her room its HUGE!!!!

TrevorPhillips2433d ago

I'm assuming that was a sarcasm lol

PLAYER50952433d ago

nope... that was fact! yes yes it was sarcasm.