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Go Gaming Giant= "When I finish a game, I normally have the tendency to skips the credits and get right back into the single player campaign or even the multiplayer (if available). However, upon finishing Batman Arkham City: I sat in silence for the entire run of the credits. I didn’t say anything and I definitely didn’t message my friends and say “OMFG, Batman AC is teh roxx0rz!!11”. Instead I just sat there and thought about what I had just played. By no means is Batman Arkham City perfect, but I believe that it has done what so few games have done before it: it shocked me with its magnificence to the point of silence."

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Murgatroyd72281d ago

I really wasn't expecting to hear so many people say such positive things about this game. I guess I'll eventually have to give in and just play the damn thing.

FAGOL2281d ago

It's worth the price tbh. So much to do. I'm on my 2nd playthrough. Definately going to try and platinum this game.