Slow Times at Paradise City

"For the first few hours you will have blast. This game will pump you up. After winning a tight race by smashing a couple of your opponents into a parking barricade right before you lose control and flip out end over end you will want to throw down the controller, wrestle an ocelot, air guitar Eruption (or play it on real guitar if that’s your proclivity) and hopefully not get into a real car to burn rubber. The thing is the human psyche can handle only so much of this before you feel full and have to stop. One cannot gorge oneself on adrenaline forever. Your rush will waned and, no pun intended, you will burnout."

"This is where not having a deadline comes in handy. You don’t have to push yourself. You get to slow down and just cruse. Once you do that, you suddenly realize the game wasn’t telling you to push yourself faster and faster and keep up the pace. Because now you are driving the speed limit and not crashing and not doing events everything in the game seems to be telling you to do just that. The music is no longer an action movie backdrop; it’s your car radio filling in the silence for a weekend drive. The lack of traffic or pedestrians are no longer an invitation to tear up the asphalt, it’s clearing he view so you can admire the scenery."

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MultiConsoleGamer2368d ago

Yeah but the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

LightofDarkness2368d ago

They should really just make another Burnout in the mould of 3. That was easily the best in the series.

stevenhiggster2368d ago

I loved paradise city, but I haven't touched it since my old PS3 died and I lost my save. Might have to get back into it :)

Jdoki2368d ago

Losing my Paradise City save, twice, was one of the main reasons I got PSNPlus.

Still haven't got Platinum!

outlawlife2368d ago

kind of curious what the point of this article is...the game is so old now and the online is near baron at this point

Patricia2368d ago

Oh so because it's old we shouldn't talk about the game anymore. Right, right.

The best criticism comes months if not *years* after the fact. But most people are only interested in consumer reviews, which are absofuckinguseless for the medium as a whole.

outlawlife2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

The true point of burnout paradise is a thriving online experience...the low numbers of people online now directly impact the game, and any experience a new player has.

Basically stop being a snot and use common sense, I wasn't being a jerk toward the writer. Due to the nature of the game this article doesn't serve any real purpose.

If the article would have said anything that hasn't been said before it would have been a bit more pertinent. Paradise was critically and commercially acclaimed pretty much across the board, so a new view point on it that just regurgitates everything that was said years ago doesn't work.

Getting so wound up because I expressed a valid reason that this article is hash is a bit silly. Perhaps you should step back, grow up, and stop reading comments.

The article is pointless. Not being a jerk but it serves no purpose, nor does it have any real point.

Just because you work for the site doesn't mean you should rail against comments on your articles. Doing so hurts your sites credibility more than filler articles. Learn to take criticism.