Modern Warfare 3: Full List of Perks with Screenshots and Recommendations

Three weeks before the official revelation of Modern Warfare 3, and we manage to get a glimpse of the official perks for the game (First Tier, Second Tier and Third Tier) with their designated screenshots.

In case you have other suggestions for the perks you want to be included on the game, show us in your comments below.

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SOD_Delta2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Blind eye, Assassin, and Dead silence will be my main perks. With a little Overkill.

princejb1342129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

sleight of hand, assassin and dead silence for me

im gonna be using specialist package anyway so thats 6 perks for me=]

SOD_Delta2129d ago

Support is the way to go!

farhad2k82129d ago

For Search, Overkill is a MUST.
For all the other modes, Overkill wont be so effective.

princejb1342129d ago

i disagree, 2 primary weapons aint needed much on search, i barely use all my bullets in search so why need to guns

SOD_Delta2129d ago

@ princejb134 It could be useful for snipers.

Relientk772130d ago

Pretty nice selection of perks, I'll have to play with these and see which I want to use for my main perks

lykaice2129d ago

Snipers would be great!

NuclearDuke2129d ago

So happy stopping power is gone.

nano882129d ago

This Is going to be better than BF3

gemc6662129d ago

"Dead Silence Pro" No Fall Damage"..............are you fuckin' kidding me??????! >_> so if the guy is in a roof and i shoot him and he jump he still wont die????

chickens2129d ago

no falling damage isn't something new :P and yes if that happens then u wont get the kill. you probably get some points for it still.

Pro_TactX2129d ago

Yes that is what "no fall damage" means. It is really no more powerful than any other perk, and it has already been in two games. Both Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops had "no fall damage" perks.

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The story is too old to be commented.