PC Kinect Demo Puts You In The Game

Daz 3D, 3D graphics software developer, had their booth set up at New York Comic Con next week and their Kinect PC demo was pretty impressive

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Bigpappy2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

That looks very unresponsive and laggy. Even first gen titles responded better.

They need better coding. Unacceptable with the power of PC's.

@iXenon: Looks like an upstart studio with their own software. They should seek out some developers who had great results on the old 360 hardware, or just wait for M$ to release official developer's kits.

iXenon2337d ago

It's clearly in an early stage. It's better that they just didn't release it like that.

iamnsuperman2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

I am not sure this video does the whole thing justice. All I can tell is a low detail belly dancer that is dressed similarly but not exactly the same dancing with a lot of lag. A video showing a new person coming on and looking like them would justify the title but all it is, is a belly dancer and her movement being tracked (like Kinect titles all ready)

iXenon2336d ago

@iamnsuperman: Well, I recorded the video and I was there all 3 days. I can confirm that there were other people doing different things.

GamersRulz2336d ago

Is she even being tracked ?! this is so bad, really bad

matey2336d ago

that has like 3 sec lag on some parts rubbish defies the whole sence of the kinect device in my opinion

Shadonic2337d ago

Im more focused on the girl

newleaf2336d ago

L. . . . A. . . .G. . . .!

Revvin2336d ago

Very laggy but its a start, my own interest would be for a replacement of my TrackIR unit so that I could do head tracking with the Kinect without having to wear a piece of reflective material. It works ok on Forza 4 but not brilliant.