5 FPS Games Releasing This Fall: Picking the Right One

MP1st - "As we all know the next few weeks are going to be huge in terms of First Person Shooters."

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iXenon2462d ago

I've played PAYDAY, and if you like co-op, it's definitely for you

Mister_V2462d ago

I'm rather excited for Goldeneye Reloaded, but more for the single player. I heard the MP was a tad lacking.

Nitrowolf22462d ago

I'm pumped for Golden Eye, but it looks to COD to me now. Oh well it's still worht a try

AbNoRmaL__aGenT2462d ago

I played the multiplayer for goldeneye at comic con (won a shirt with odd jobs hat that says "cheater" lol) and something didnt seem right but i still enjoyed it. And dont worry, it plays nothing like cod.Cod is much faster and takes less effort to kill but i kept thinking that when i would get a kill with the golden gun (in golden gun mode), it kind of seemed like i missed but maybe they will fix it. If they fix that then i think itll be fun mp

tehgam3r2462d ago

I'm gonna all of them. Or at least try play all of them.

ATi_Elite2462d ago

OMG....Payday The Heist is a lil hard on the slaughter difficulty and your gonna need some friends to help out.

Dam fun game!

Then there's that Battlefield 3 game or whatever it is. I might buy that...i think, if i got some free time to play it, haven't heard anything about it. It looks OK i guess!

dark-hollow2462d ago

I know that am the minority here, but honestly mw3 will take most of my time followed by bf3.

Laxman2462d ago

Actually, no, why would you think that?

The vast MAJORITY of gamers will be playing Modern Warfare 3 more than anything else. For a long, long time.

Call of Duty to the gaming industry is like teen pop singers to the music industry; they keep on coming, they all do the same thing, but still they sell by the bucket load.

I have the game preordered and am looking forward to it, but im not blind to what it is.

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Chuk52462d ago

This person sounds cod biased.

"Gamers Expecting COD. It’s similar but it’s not quite there yet."

It plays differently. Just because it's not COD, doesn't mean it's inferior.

Mister_V2462d ago

No worries, if you've seen our coverage, we're major BF heads. I think the author meant in terms of style, not of quality.

Kuleman_beast2462d ago

Ya, that's how I interpreted it

Criminal2462d ago

We try our best to give creative freedom to our writers, so I'm equally bothered by this, and it does not represent MP1st's views, just the writer in question.

Pandamobile2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3:

Bad for:

"Casual Gamers/Noobs – stay with me here – of all these games, which do you think is hardest for new players?"

Isn't that like 80% of Call of Duty's audience?

ATi_Elite2462d ago

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3:

Bad for: anyone who has skill and looking to enjoy a bug/lag free game void of snot nose 11 year olds and 99 year old grandma's talken Shite while getting pwned.

Good for: keeping all those listed above and N0obs off the Battlefield 3 servers.

seriously i don't give a dam which one you play i just like making fun of COD cause it's so easy. lol

palaeomerus2462d ago

Yeah someone who doesn't want to have noobs on the BF3 servers is complaining about the CoD "snot noses".

That kind of says it all right there.

Laxman2462d ago

"Good for: keeping all those listed above and N0obs off the Battlefield 3 servers"

Haha, classic.

jbiz3302462d ago

RAGE should be included.

Mister_V2462d ago

We would, but that came out a while back!

Kuleman_beast2462d ago

RAGE has terrible multiplayer tho

SH0CKW4VE2462d ago

Pick one? haha oh dead .....not at all.

I pick.....THEM ALL!

I love working two jobs

Laxman2462d ago

Youre a lucky man have enough financial freedom to buy them all with little question, but how on Earth do you find time to play them all!? I know I wont have enough time to even play Battlefield as much as I would like to.

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