Story Matters in The Old Republic

Charles Onyett of IGN writes; "Every time I quit an MMO, it's usually for the same reason. The sense of context eventually breaks down; I feel like I'm scraping items off dead enemies for no reason, trapped in some insane machine, doomed to repeat assembly line behavior until I achieve some virtual goal that lets me do it again, only more efficiently. Such progression mechanics are at the core of any MMO, which I know full well going in. But with a good story, I'm able to push aside the monotony. I'm no longer killing 600 elite skeletons to gain experience, I'm killing 600 elite skeletons because I know it'll get me one step close to throwing a fireball at the super elite skeleton, and that guy is a total jerk."

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coolbeans2461d ago

Regardless of the fact, TOR still going to be called "WoW in space w/ voice acting" despite the fact that practically everyone who's played the beta has said it's different.