Uncharted 3 - My New Favourite Game of All Time paints a pretty picture for Uncharted 3 with initial impressions ahead of their review.

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trainsinrdr2402d ago

Go play oblivion and try saying that.

HeavenlySnipes2402d ago

Listen I love Oblivion to death, but that difficulty scaling, facial textures, animations (when you run in third person, it looks like you are moving in spot and the WORLD is moving under your feet) and main story are nothing to marvel at. I expect Skyrim to be 1000x better just from the previews.

I can see why UC3 can be this person's G.O.A.T. ND is an amazing dev and by all the 10/10's I've been seeing, I have no doubt its an one of a kind experience.

Ares902402d ago

what if the author doesn't like RPGs???

clank5432402d ago

Oblivion was great, but the immersion that game once had has been lost to some degree. Skyrim is gonna blow Oblivion out of the water and Elder Scrolls VI is gonna do the same to Skyrim.

trouble_bubble2402d ago

I'll say it. Sold Oblivion GOTY edition half way through the campaign. RIP Blockbuster Video. I got like $25 for it. Sorry Patrick Stewart and Sean Bean.

Gaetano2401d ago

Lots of replies in the articles and forums say the same thing: Skyrim >> Uncharted 3.

Well, that's cool, but, like, I don't like RPG's?

I liked Oblivion though. But this game is as good as it gets on PS3. This is why we own a PS3.

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Motorola2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Everything is spelled right.... that's another way of spelling favorite.

kneon2402d ago

Apparently there is at least one person who believes Americans invented the English language and all other spellings are wrong :)

Cyrax_872402d ago

This is how "favourite" is spelled everywhere in the world besides America...

palaeomerus2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Actually America standardized a lot of those words before the UK did (not much a gap though) because Mr. Webster was a bit of a nationalist prick.

The practice of making of weird new verbs from nouns by adding an "ize" on the end (moisture -> moisturize, instead of the extant verb moisten) ironically came along a bit later. And of course you could take the new verb and make a "new" and longer 'process noun' out of it again. (standard-> standardize -> standardization, OR bastard -> bastardize -> bastardization).

The UK philologists struck back by doing pretty much the same thing with "ise" only they showed a little more restraint and did not invent as many silly and unnecessary words that either became technical jargon or languished pseudo-clinical filler words for term papers.

Now cosmopolitan writers have weird distinctions in common words like civilization (a general term for a cultural or national popular entity progressing through history ) vs. Civilisation (a poetic proper name for OUR civilization).

Michael-Jackson2402d ago

Uncharted 2 is my favourite PS3 game. Well that might change when Uncharted 3 finally hits. Cant wait to play.

miyamoto2402d ago

Ditto. can't wait to play U3

FalconR2892402d ago

I can only hope that my ps3 comes back in time for this game.

RufustheKing2402d ago

it's worth buying another PS3 for this game alone.

Laxman2401d ago

Haha, if money permitted I would actually do this. I had my PS3 taken from me a few months ago, and have been dreading the release of this game knowing I wont be able to play it.

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