The Top 7...Disappointing games that deserve sequels

Mitch Dyer of Gamesradar writes: "It's funny how the games business works. Big successes become popular franchises, we keep buying 'em because they keep getting better, and developers keep churning 'em out. Later, we'll complain about Call of Duty being the same stupid thing, buy it, verify our complaint, and keep the cycle strong. What about the stuff that doesn't review well, though, or doesn't sell, or doesn't quite live up to the hype? Those games are usually left for dead, and an original IP hoping to make its big break becomes a one-shot failure."

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jony_dols2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

I'm surprised that Haze isn't in this list.

It had a lot of potential & an interesting premise, and should have been a far better game.

Free Radical was bought over by Crytek, and renamed the company Crytek UK. So now they own the IP and have access to the Cryengine 3 (which would suit the jungle environment & the Nectar abilities down to the ground!)

Bring on Haze 2 & Timesplitters 4!

Blink_442459d ago

Nice one, didn't think of that.

guitarded772459d ago

Yeah, I'd say Haze deserves another chance, but the FPS market is full of so many great games, so if it got a sequel, it better be epic... in a good way.

guitarded772459d ago

Yeah, but LA Noire was great to begin with, this list is about games that were mediocre.

MultiConsoleGamer2459d ago

I really agree with Brutal Legend.

BiggCMan2459d ago

I'm trying to figure out how he could put it on this list in the first place. Does it deserve a sequel, hell yea. Was it disappointing? HELL NO! That game rocked! And was SEVERELY underrated, and under appreciated.

Magnus2459d ago

I'd buy a sequal to Brutal Legends and Homefront.

yesmynameissumo2459d ago

A Move LAIR sequel would be nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.