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Carolyn Gudmundson writes "With brilliantly imaginative games like Canvas Curse, Epic Yarn and Mass Attack, the Kirby series has proven that it can re-invent itself and pull it off successfully every time. But what about classic Kirby? Aside from Squeak Squad on DS, there hasn't been a traditional Kirby on consoles for more than a decade. Kirby's Return to Dream Land was worth the wait though – it's a perfect example of how to update a classic and do everything right."

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NeverLetGo2403d ago

Was this game also getting it's review scores in today?

I don't think anyone noticed because of all the Uncharted 3 review articles.

Blink_442403d ago

Yeah they all have been coming in today.

pucpop2403d ago

I am so getting this. I LOVE Kirby.