Star Fox Wii rumors and Animal Crossing MMO

Hi Wii fans, this is a pair of nuggets that TOP Secret-Blog has for you. EDGE Magazine published an article about the upcoming Animal Crossing for Wii, and they wrote that this one is going to be an MMO. Well, that's truth. This game is being created as one of the premier Wii Online experiences and it's definitely an MMO. Worried about the lack of hard drive on Wii? Don't be. Somebody is telling me that a Wii + Hard Drive is indeed planed to appear when the release of this title is ready (Q4 2008). Also, people can still use SD cards to save their data (A 2GB SD Card is going to be packed with this Animal Crossing, you can count on that).

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wiizy3959d ago

...wii is marching on

BubyDudy3959d ago

Fingers crossed for these rumours/dreams to come true. Especially the Star Fox one!

FangOnmyouji3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

The story says no "Crappy on foot missions like Star Fox Assault"! That made me PLAY the Star Fox games! and what about SF Adventures? Was THAT crappy 2?