Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi – 27 Characters Ultimate Attacks

Saiyan Island reveals 27 of the 41 characters ultimate attacks.

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tayz2402d ago

a lot of these are the same as budokai tenkaich 3 lol

Tempjf2401d ago

Dang 41 characters!! That's a lot of fighting people!

MakiManPR2401d ago

You call that a lot? Look at Tenkaichi 3 roster.... This game is a crap.

MasterD9192401d ago

I'll try the demo out.

We need an open-world DBZ game like the Arkham games.

raWfodog2401d ago

I've been wanting that for years. An open-world dragonball action-rpg. Maybe even something like the Naruto Ultimate Storm series.

MasterD9192401d ago

If they could make it a destructible open-world game, allow you to fly around and include different character sections that you could play...The game would practically sell itself.

They keep doing fighting games which is fine but this is a series with a rich history that can certainly be explored through a story-telling game, rather than another fighting game.

MakiManPR2392d ago

There's one called Dragon Ball Online