OXCGN’s Cosplay Photos: EB Expo 2011


"EB Expo 2011 may be gone and part of history, but we at OXCGN have still got a few morsels to contribute about the event.

Unlike more professional events such as E3 and Gamescom, EB Expo was quite laid back and encouraged cosplay.
Characters from Halo to Ghostbusters were on the scene, and OXCGN tried to capture as many as possible.

If anything, marvel at the sheer amount of effort these people went through to get these costumes usable!"

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BadCircuit2433d ago

I always thought only nerdy looking people got involved in this, but some of those people are pretty hot!

Proeliator2433d ago

Great costumes... I'm jealous!!

gaminoz2433d ago

Looks like it's be a lot of fun, but some of those look quite expensive! I'd love to be Revelations Ezio though...I've already got the greying goatee.

Belgavion2433d ago

#15 is quite reasonable to look at

Eske2432d ago

Hah! Cosplay is one of those things that isn't for me at all, but that I'm glad there are people out there that have the juevos for it.

Good stuff.