Scrolls not F2P, but has "aspects of free to play"

GameDynamo - "It looks like Scrolls is going to be a "free to play" game, according to a tweet Notch sent out earlier today. Or, to be a little more specific, it will "contain aspects of "free to play". We won't call it "free to play", though, as it's not a "free" game". This tweet was made in conjunction with a blog post where Notch expresses his disdain for the "free to play" trend – mostly, how he feels that the way "free to play" games are named is an outright falsehood".

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Dasteru2406d ago

Virus on linked page, crashes firefox and disables windows aero.

DJZed2405d ago

Did you have some sort of script issue?

Dasteru2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

All i know is i tried closing and restarting firefox several times and every time i clicked the link it immediately froze for about 5 seconds, greyed out then crashed, taking windows aero with it. I have been using firefox for more than 5 years and have never had that problem before, nor have i had it happen since on any other page.

DJZed2404d ago

We'll look into it. You're not the first one running into this issue the past few days. We suspect the Google +1 button... Sorry about that!

DJZed2405d ago

There isn't a virus! Is it possible you had a script issue?