Battlefield 3 is LIVE

Battlefieldo writes:

In response to the large amount of players using a Korean VPN today to play Battlefield 3 one day early, EA have sent out an email to all those who bought on origin that they can access the game today instead of tomorrow. This is great news and we can’t wait to see the swarm come on the battlefield. Hopefully this will mean that EA will change the release dates for the rest of the world.

Some people are reporting to not of received the email. If your Regions release was set to be the 25th of October, we encourage you to try starting the game in origin and logging into Battlelog.

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Bob5702463d ago

Dammit. Should have gotten it on Origin.

NCAzrael2463d ago

I preordered through Gamestop, but got the digital version. When they activated their preload through Impulse, instead of installing it there, I just took the key and entered it into Origin and downloaded the game there. My copy didn't unlock today, but I was still able to use a proxy out of Thailand and activate it.

ambientFLIER2463d ago

Lol, seems like a lot of work just to get around the system...

ATi_Elite2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Yeh I heard some people logging on to Foreign servers and already playing BF3! It's all over the forums.

Oh well I'll be playing in exactly 2hrs and 15 minutes exactly at MIDNIGHT. looks like it has already patched itself as well.

Dam i'm starting to feel a cold coming on.....Darn i'm gonna have to call off work for the next 2 days.

Muh ha hah ahh ha *cough cough* ha ha ha

Battlefield 3 Bee-otches!!

Flavor2463d ago

You hafta wait until midnight pacific time, chief. That's 3 AM here on the east coast.

NCAzrael2463d ago

Yeah, the release is 12:00 AM PST. If you activate it using a proxy you'll still be able to play on US servers. Both of my clan's servers are full already.

2463d ago
HaMM4R2463d ago

WHY??? WHYYYYYYYYY????????? While all of you are happily playing bf3, ima be at work cos the game doesn't come out until friday in england. I may have to result to piracy till it comes out.

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C_Menz2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

This is actually not true.

Edit: Why the disagree? EA already stated that the emails were sent out incorrectly and they were meant to say the download of the Physcial Warefare Pack and BF3 LE were now available to those who didn't have the pre-load option.

C_Menz2463d ago

Also, another update from BF3's twitter. All of those who are gaining access through Proxy servers before their region is allowed to will have all stats reset when the game is unlocked for their area.

So either way if you are playing the game early and you are not supposed to you will be reset back to nothing at 3am-est or 12am-pst.

tiphanycufflink2463d ago

It isn't working for me either. From what I hear it's supposed to release around 9 or midnight, not 3 am like origin keeps telling me.

C_Menz2463d ago

It is 3am for east coast and 12am for west coast. They have stated it a million times and Origin's times are correct.

tiphanycufflink2463d ago

Nevermind, I guess it starts at midnight on the east coast.

dragokid2463d ago

Looks like Twitter deleted that tweet so prob not gonna happen

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Codeman4202463d ago

Yea i recieved the email but still cant play the game still says i have to wait till midnight.

BritneyJ2463d ago

Lucky you, and gratz! :D, I still need to wait for mine to ship.

whitefang19882463d ago

i think if EA are doing this, then retailers should be able to do exactly the same :D it would make everyone happier

NCAzrael2463d ago

And this is why you get the digital version.

StayStatic2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Gotta wait till fricking friday night and i got a crap loada work to do before then.

After that , stock up on supplies and i shall not be seen for the next 48 hours.

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