This Week In Forza Motorsport Paint Jobs: Episode 1

Giuseppe Nelva of kicks off a new weekly column that showcases some of the best user-created liveries and paintjobs available in the game's storefront.

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SOD_Delta2462d ago

I've always loved the paint editor in Forza. I can't make a good paint job to save my life, but I like buying them. Great paint jobs!

SockeyBoy2462d ago

haha i suck at it too. Once I took 5 hours to do this skull and cross bones, and i finally finished and put it on a black car and all my background from the skull was all gray...haha swore my head off had a smoke, and never touched the paint job editor again. haha.

Abriael2462d ago

at least the marketplace makes it easy to buy paintjobs from other people. I was pretty good with forza 3's editor, but now I just lack the time :D

lochdoun2462d ago

The user created content for this game is amazing.
What a great community Forza has.

ChrisW2462d ago

Outside of videogames, I really hate Itasha.

Abriael2462d ago

i like to watch them, i definitely wouldn't want one :D

SOD_Delta2462d ago

I had to google "itasha". LOL I agree with you. I wouldn't want one.

Me-Time2462d ago

Wouldn't be so bad if you're into that. It's preference. The fact that people can do that with a Rated E game is a bit crazy.

cvflyboy2462d ago

I give it to forza when it comes to car customizations..GT can learn a thing or 2 in that department.

Me-Time2462d ago

There are differences between a few select aerodynamic parts/aftermarket wheels and a livery editor that can transform a car's exterior like an artist working on a blank canvas.

Until GT tries to do it, that statement you made is irrelevant.

Abriael2462d ago

ahem, i may be wrong, but i think he said exactly the same thing you did, just with less words.

cvflyboy2461d ago

Lmao! I guess some people look for drama in anything they look at. You just repeated my post with different words and tried to make a counter argument to it.I'm not your annoying boss, not your cheating girlfriend or the drunk uncle who molested you when you were a kid... save your energy for something worth debating about.

@abriel...Thanks for noticing that

Me-Time2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Great counter argument. I was serious.

Grow up?

Abriael - Being able to customize something like you can in Forza is not even close to what GT has ever tried. Forza is really good in that aspect. Boyo up there can't come up with anything better to say than think I'm a biased fanboy.