Thinking Outside the DrinkBox: Graham Smith on the Future of Handhelds, Indies and IP Ownership

With digital distribution becoming an increasingly viable platform, independent developers have more and more potential markets where they can sell their wares. But as the industry evolves, developers must move with it, predicting which platforms will be a success, and which will fall by the wayside. To talk about the threat of smartphones on dedicated handhelds, the changing price expectations of gamers as well as the risk of owning your own IP, we chatted to Graham Smith, Co-Founder and COO of DrinkBox Studios, in a wide ranging interview.

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decimalator2314d ago

I totally agree with the mobile games vs. handheld games. I think most of the $0.99 games are time wasters

doctorstrange2314d ago

And a lot of the F2P ones are even worse

BigWoopMagazine2314d ago

yeah, I haven't found a F2P game that I like. I don't really play those minis either, I've found one or two that are fun, but primarily for wasting time.

joinsideke2314d ago

F2p games don't make you wish you had your money back though, just more often your time.

insertcoin2314d ago

He's right in that the 3DS currently doesn't have much going on its catalog, a fact I hope will change in next few months. Super Mario, yes?

doctorstrange2314d ago

Ninty would throw their weight behind a big new IP

Pikajew2314d ago

Nintendo made a bunch of new IPs this gen but they stay secretive.

Fluidity (WiiWare game) very fun
Wii series
Last Story
Pandoras Tower
Xenoblade chronicles
Captain rainbow
Hotel dusk series
Endless ocean
Disaster Day of Crisis
Rythem Heaven series
Some of these only stayed in Japan

doctorstrange2314d ago

They've made a few, but no big, global new ones.

I love Mario as much as the next guy, but I want something huge with Ninty's magic touch.

Dovahkiin2314d ago

Animal Crossing 3DS is one game I'm really excited for.

LostTokens2314d ago

Interesting read. I still have some trouble considering platforms like the iPhone and Android-based mobiles as a viable challenge to dedicated consoles, even though that's not to say there's nothing good or new on that front.