GameNTrain: Will I Suck at BF3

GameNTrain: I have made a mid-year resolution! Does that exist? Well it does now because I made it up! So Boom! Anyway, my resolution is to become a more versatile gamer. I know you guys hear me talk a lot about Gears. Why? Because that is about all I play these days. Heck, if there were Gear-O’s cereal with little Gears of War omens, I would probably be eating them. I love Gears, what can I say. With that bit of unimportant information aside, my goal is to expand my horizons as a gamer.

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PCRockStar2406d ago

Haha Someone is going to SUCK! Just saying!

Tempjf2405d ago

I suck in every aspect at this game!

Clayman2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Do you play COD? If so then yes you will suck BF3

solar2405d ago

Just be a good teammate. Heal your squad,repair a tank,spot some enemies. BF is nore cooperative then K/D. :)

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