American McGee Interview: ‘developers are being stifled by the systems in which they work’

An indepth and somewhat controversial interview with game industry veteran American McGee. American speaks about how the current generation needs real change, and poses the question - is the creativity of developers behind many of the latest releases being stifled by constraints of the industry, including limitations of hardware, monetization methods, distribution channels, interface (controls, screens) and more?

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nam3d2340d ago

I hope there is a chapter in that book about how to be ripped off by Tim Burton.

morventhus2340d ago

you know... the first game came out b4 the tim burton movie right?

nam3d2340d ago

yes which is why I said he was ripped off by Tim Burton. :)

morventhus2339d ago

@nam3d im sorry i read that wrong... i for some reason read that he ripped off Tim burton... im sorry

Eddy2232340d ago

wait whatd tim burton do? his alice wasnt even dark

majdees2340d ago

Alice: Madness Returns is one of the best games this year in my opinion despite harsh reviews. I really hope there will be a sequel.

Pikajew2340d ago

It got bad reviews because people expected it to be better and they looked at every flaw

nam3d2340d ago

Too much hype. Look at Spore ;)

Baka-akaB2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

This game was snobbed by the press , despite having more qualities than the otherwise critics darling : Enslaved .

Its realisation and storytelling easily rivals Enslaved , and unlike it , it's gameplay was consistant , meaty and good enough .

kevnb2340d ago

enslaved didnt sell well either. problem with alice 2, alice 1 was completely amazing when it came out.

jack_burt0n2340d ago

well I am still waiting for it to hit a reduced price on console so i can buy it new, that in these times is a good sign.

pctrollv42340d ago

it is the best platformer ive played in years. Ppl bashed it cause it wasnt cod or mario. It is in fact one of the best looking games this gen and so much fun to play.

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BrightFalls762340d ago

I thought games were being stifled by developers who make incredibly repetive platformers based on old fairy tales.

gunnerforlife2340d ago

is this guy talking about consoles? cuz as far as i know the PC doesn't have a game that's at the level of uncharted2 and seems like the same with 3 and gears of war 3, if he thinks that the consoles are holding him back then he should take hes game to the PC fan base i'm sure they'll love it, oh wait the profits wont be as good will it and there's a chance that it'll flop. moron a bet at the end of the day hell drool over the check that he gets from hes company just cuz of the profits he gets from the console market.

anonym2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Nothing he said has anything to do any part of your comment. I suppose he does mention consoles, but it has nothing to do with the "PC vs Consoles" war.

gunnerforlife2340d ago

i know he doesnt, but i'm using PCs as an example of where he should go if he thinks console limit hes potential, but he wont cuz at the end of the day consoles make 70% of hes profits, just a cowardly swipe at the hand that feeds you.

kevnb2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

uncharted games look nice because of art style, and gears of war... dont make me laugh. Both those games also use stop and pop gameplay, very limited gameplay wise with enemies all close up. Battlefield 3 smashes them easily tech wise, but only on pc. Also dont make me laugh about the console market, most games lose big money on console which is why publishers stick to sequels of successful franchises. Want something new and different, you almost have to look at pc and the odd ps3 exclusive.

gunnerforlife2340d ago

is that why uncharted is being called one of the best games of all time and best game of this gen? umm it really depends how much a game cost to make so you cant say all games dont profit at the first try, or are you saying that all games on the PC are profitable straight away and consoles mostly fail to profit?

kevnb2340d ago

uncharted is not most games, and yes little lesser known games can actually make money on pc.

2339d ago
pctrollv42340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

ahahha gears 3 is not even better looking than gear1 on pc at maxxx settings on dx10. Uncharted 2 is surpassed by witcher 2 in every single way. You sir, are an obvious ps3 fanboy with no idea about games. Your mind is limited to a pad. Stay salty my friendly peasant. Uncharted is called the best looking game by whom? paid reviewers? never have i agreed once that uncharted is the best looking game. Its all bout the art and if we want to argue about it, witcher 2 has better art, alice has better art. Bf3 will blow away anything this gen easily, since i can max it out, ill let you know how it looks since you cant.

rdgneoz32340d ago

I agree with most of what you said, except for the grammar and spelling...

Shadowaste2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )


pc makes far more money than ps3 and 360 combined, and uncharted 2 looks worse than titan quest from 2006!

In 2009 pc games(steam, retail, direct2drive, mmo's, free2play, facebook, indie, direct downloads from game pubs like ea and ubisoft) accounted for 43% of total game revenue, the next closest console was the wii with 24% marketshare, the 360 and ps3 fight over the scraps.

Most console games do not even make in 3 years what world of warcraft makes in a month!

so both of your above statements are meaningless!

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kevnb2340d ago

move to pc, gamers will follow. Only problem is so many dummies dont get anything about pc specs.

2339d ago
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