IGN: Hopping Into Halo: CE Anniversary's Multiplayer - Preview

IGN writes: "At a recent multiplayer event, I got my hands on Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary's multiplayer to see what it had to offer fans of the franchise."

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antz11042459d ago

Glad to hear they're putting in the different armors from REACH. That was a great addition.

palaeomerus2459d ago

The CE:Anniversary MP IS Reach with a playlist that has some weapon settings tuned to be more like CE. You can include or exclude stuff that wasn't in CE, the cursor bloom goes away, shields have bleed through damage, and grenades are turned way up. The pistol is also butch at most ranges again.. it's Reach pretending to be CE MP in some respects. And of course you can use the "new" maps that come with CE and the CE playlist options in normal Reach if you want to.