IGN: House of the Dead: Overkill -- Extended Cut Review

IGN writes: "I really wanted to love House of the Dead: Overkill when it came to the Wii in 2009. An on-rails shooter, Overkill oozes fun with over the top dialogue, mutant dismemberment and tons to unlock. Trouble was, the Wii could barely run the game. It would chug, stutter and frustrate me with technical limitations that ruined the experience. That isn't a problem on the PlayStation 3."

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soljah2373d ago

looks like good party fun
is this a psn download title?
how much is this game in stores. hope its not a $60 full price title

Blink_442373d ago

It's going to be 40$ in stores, but amazon has it for $30 with free shipping.

Army_of_Darkness2373d ago

I been waiting for this game as much as uncharted 3 :D

house of the dead tomorrow. UC3 next week!

BritneyJ2373d ago

Yea that's a really good price:
How do you like the game so far?