Golden Sun, Ogre Battle Wii and Mario RPG DS?

Three gargantuon rumours purporting to some huge Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS announcements have emerged from RPG Magazine today. Two involve the comebacks of hugely popular series' and the other concerns the ressurection of a series last seen on the Nintendo 64.

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wiizy3922d ago

the wii will be rewarded with great games for that number one spot

john_doe3922d ago

OMG!!! golden sun!! hope it's true!!

Charlie26883922d ago

Golden Sun FTW!!!!!!!!!! XD

machine_B3922d ago

I never realised people loved Golden Sun as much as I did! I hope it makes it to the Wii!

Vespertine3921d ago

And I would rather see a sequel to The Lost Age on the DS then the Wii.

zerolinkgannon3922d ago

Super Mario Rpg 2! Nuff said

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