Battlefield 3 Simulator, Full Video

If you have some form of internet connection, you will no doubt no that UK gadget television show released a teaser for a Battlefield 3 Simulator

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Pandamobile2283d ago

That bald guy is annoying as hell.

user13372283d ago

Whaaaaat? Jason is a legend!

JellyJelly2283d ago

Where can I buy his iGlasses?

arjman2283d ago

My dad met him, apparently Jason's a right pleb

WolfLeBlack2283d ago

I wonder if I could fit this thing in my house.....
Mind you if I could afford this then I could probably afford a bigger house.

Pikajew2283d ago

you can just go to war :P

Undeadwolfy2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

I remember saying to my fiend when watching this, that they actually considered using CoD instead, and if they were going to simulate that, they would need noob tube simulators, the treadmill constantly moving forward and annoying 10 year olds screaming obscenities down his ear. XD

Septic2283d ago

This wouldn't work for Call of Duty- the kids wouldn't be able to do 360 degree quick scopes.

It would be brilliant though- try and come at with me with stupid dual shotguns now that you can feel pain.

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