Batman: Arkham City Review (Huffington Post)

Bart Motes writes: Batman: Arkham City, the wonderfully realized sequel to 2009's sleeper Batman: Arkham Asylum, is a flawless return to Gotham. Simply put, it gets just about everything right.

Video game sequels are a tricky business. Follow the original too slavishly, and everyone yawns. Deviate too drastically, and the original fanatics will become the game's biggest enemies.

If the developers of Batman: Arkham City wrestled with that dilemma, it doesn't show. Arkham City is more of the same, with only cosmetic changes. Oh, but what a same it is.

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MultiConsoleGamer2402d ago

Huffington post writing video game reviews?

No thanks.

TheBossMan2402d ago

Hey, cheer the f()ck up, okay? It could damn well be IGN doing it. Would you rather that? Of course not.

If you said yes to that question, realize you are going home empty handed, just like Sean Penn, 2001, I Am Sam.

Bolts2402d ago

I'm not sure if I should give or take bubbles for the most obscure and out of left field Sean Penn reference ever in a gaming post.

trainsinrdr2402d ago

This game may be good but the marketing tactics are complete bullsh*t and is completely unfair to all those who want the full experience but can't because they either can't afford to buy games at release or they don't have an internet connection.