PSLS Exclusive: Sideway: New York Dev Diary, Day One

Having released earlier this month, PSLS gave Sideway: New York high marks for its unique and enjoyable gameplay, as well as its beautiful and vibrant colors. But if you’re still on the fence about the title, or are a fan and want to know more about the development process behind the game, they’ve teamed up with Playbrains and Fuel Entertainment for 5 exclusive video logs, which we’ll release all week long. And, if that wasn’t enough, we’re also giving away 2 codes to the full game, every single day.

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Lifewish2457d ago

Thanks for the video, really enjoyed this game.

decimalator2457d ago

nice! I really need to pick this game up.

doctorstrange2457d ago

Getting a behind-the-scenes look at the development process

insertcoin2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I hope this indie game doesn't get completely buried by all the huge AAA games coming out within the next month. Sideways totally deserves the attention it's getting.

BigWoopMagazine2457d ago

ooo giveaways! I'd like to play this :)