1UP previews The Orange Box for the PS3 - "This version of The Box has issues "

1UP writes:

"In an interview earlier this year, Valve Software founder Gabe Newell referred to PlayStation 3 as "a waste of everybody's time." This attitude shows in the development structure of The Orange Box. While the PC and Xbox 360 versions were handled by Valve, the PS3 port was handed off to an internal team at EA. Originally scheduled to be released day and date with the PC and 360 versions, the PS3 Orange Box has been delayed until December. PS3 owners, forced to watch from the sidelines as their gaming kindred inundates them with tales of Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal, continue to wait patiently for their chance to take a stroll through Valve's universe."

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Neurotoxin3958d ago

LMAO.... i`m not surprised if this turns out rubbish when it goes gold.

MikeGdaGod3958d ago

wouldb't bother me.........i'm not getting it either way

Neurotoxin3958d ago

No i`m not buying it either, Played it already ages ago on my PC lol, might get episode 2 at some point, but no way Orange Box, even if it was perfect on the PS3, i still wouldn't`t be justified paying £45 for it.

The Killer3958d ago

like this few people would like to buy the game when they know it has problems and being delayed for long time while pc and 360 owners got bored of the game!! they hurt their sale by their actions then they blame ps3 for the bad performers!! thats stupid!! ps3 is a different platform pc or 360!! they should treat it like a new platform if they ever hope to have a good future on the ps3!!

unlimited3958d ago

Waste of time i wont be getting it either...screw it..ill go play it at my friend not taking my money thats for sure..

marinelife93958d ago

1. Gabe's comments
2. EA developing it

There is no way in H E double hockey sticks I'm buying this game or even playing it.

n_n3958d ago


UT3, CoD4, Haze... wow, how come these games turned out really good, the devs even said it wasn't harder to work with? as sick of all the FPS games that are out, i'll be picking these up just for the fact that the devs who worked on it did their best because they cared about their franchise and game and NOT the platform war.

amrasmord3958d ago

[email protected] I've been waiting for this game for 8 months and now THIS!! I hate EA, they should go suck my nuts or make better games!

PS3PCFTW3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

whoever disagreed with 1.6 is pretty stupid.

if you have a pc you probably had hl2 years ago. if you want to play team fortress.......just dl it off of steam. trust me your not missing much.

regarding the fat bastard newell, we all shoudve known this would work out this way. i mean he was b1tching about ps3 then handed off porting to ea........umm yeah. whoever didnt see this game bombing is utterly naive.

I find it pretty hard to believe certain devs that say the ps3 is worthless crap and cant reach high technical achievements. Then games like uncharted and r&c/warhawk among plenty others prove their b1tching and moanin to be pure biased incompetence.

take your 60 dollars and spend it on a next gen shooter like ut3.

NO BIGGIe. THERES MUCH BETTER GAMES ON PS3 at the moment anyway. said games which are crafted by devs that DESERVE and have EARNED your dollars.

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xhi43958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

suprised. What is EA doing? Like seriously............

I'm so angry, pissed and furious at EA. What the hell, if this turns out to be a shody job, why the hell should EA be called a 'game developer?

A masterpiece like Orange Box should be handled with precision, care and love. Not 'hey lets get this done boys then we get paid WOO, i mean what other version are ps3 owners gonna get? Maybe our good 'american' mates over at Microsoft.' I hate shoddy companies like EA. I'm so angry appalled and BLOODY FURIOUS!

I'm going to have to get the Orange Box for 360 if this turns out to be crap.......and am gonna have to create twelve more emails for the free month of xbox live........yay for me. :(

EDIT --- Okay, here's what I don't get. Games are for the gaming community, fanboyism aside, why do we gamers have to cop the flak for petty fanboyism? Okay so gabe newell called ps3 garbage, but how do Midway/Epic create UT3 graphically equal/superiour to it's pc counterpart (dependent on the comp specs), how does Free radical make Haze on the ps3? How do naughty dogg create a game as stated by gametrailers the best looking game out on a console to date, how the hell do these people do it and EA not? EA is rich as, okay I realise the xbox 360 is where the money for the moment is at.....theyve had a year's headstart on the ps3, but bloody hell don't they care about the gaming community? Hell no..........

Fuk EA and Gabe, im so pissed. One of my favourite games pc isn't up to scratch and i'm not going to pay for xbox live. This is bullshit.

I could write an essay on this someone give me a depressed. Orange Box.......Half favourite game (third to GTA and UT)

Quickstrike3958d ago

A) he is an Xbot
B) he sucks at Resistance so he is getting his revenge
C) he never got laied by a woman
D) he is to lazy to learn how to do things on a better system
E) M$ is paying them to half-ass the PS3 port
F) All of the above X100

skillshot3958d ago

I know what you mean. I am annoyed too. Gabe Newell has a grudge against PS3. I think he sees it as a threat. The PS3 takes a different approach to programming, which Valve may find harder to do, so they may be seen as worse developers.

I think its quite pathetic that he would take it out on the PS3 players though. Its as if he has a grudge against them too. Surely he realises that most of these PS3 players have PCs too, so hes really only losing the company fans?

With the 9 or so years it took to make TF2, surely the extra time in making a good PS3 version would be worth it? Obviously not according to Valve.

Even though its made by EA, it reflects negatively on Valve. They have done a shoddy job as developers and as a company.


Can't decide about get Haze or UT3... Would be good to have a good version of Orange Box, but it's from EA, and from the time they are taking, it's more like to be another port, so I just can't careless about this game now.

xhi43958d ago

get UT3 bro, as much as I love HAZE, ut3 will last you for years and years.

I don't know if you've played the previous UT, but i'm still playing that. Such an awesome game! The mods are crazy too! Pimp your UT3 out man, skins maps guns sounds bloody everything hey its gonna rock!


I played UT2004 'till early this year. I'm not the biggest FPS fan, but when the game was meant to be an FPS, then OK (the actual flood of "any-style-you-want-shoot er" is what pisses me off).

Even if in gameplay UT3 is better, Haze look to have some cards on the sleeve. Different team is different gameplay online with cool skills both sides, looks like they have a good plot to single player too.

I see many people taking away from Haze thinking it's a Halo wannabe... Still, apart from a big yellow mask, I don't see anything... Not aliens, not crazy weapons, complete different artstyle (armors, wepons, environments)...

And also, this is from Free Radical, these guys have some of the best FPS already made. I don't see why I would not wait to know which one is better.

xhi43958d ago

it's just for me personally, even though I will be getting Haze as well, would stick with UT3, because well I know i'll be playing that for well till the next UT i guess. It's just one of those fast paced gore squelching experiences I've been craving for in high def lol

sonarus3958d ago

personally i'd choose haze it really looks like its shaping up to be a great game. Plus i love a good single player campaign getting both regardless though


The problem is that I don't have even start CoD4.

The problem here is, I don't have bought games along the year so I can buy killer app on the end of the year. But then these week just taked AC, R&C and COD4 (and Castlevania for PSP), next month I'll get more 3 or 4 games for PS3 (2 or 3 for PSP), and I'm trying to skip that much FPS... I don't have Uncharted, so I have just 3 "slots" free at max, and are thinking on Rock Band, Guitar Hero 3, Kane & Lynch, Folklore and PES 2008, just to name the non-FPS... It will not be an easy decision, which is good (we cried over this all of the year!). :)

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Ri0tSquad3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

Timed exclusive for the xbox 360 and pretty much garbage on the PS3 with delays and bugs.

We expected this from EA.

BloodySinner3958d ago

It wasn't even a timed exclusive. What are you talking about?

jwatt3958d ago

Just rent it, the only game I actually played and finished was portal which is solid on the ps3. I don't know why Valve gave the ps3 version to EA anyway.

Ri0tSquad3958d ago

The game was delayed on the Playstation 3 basically making it timed exclusive on the 360. Only game console system you can play the game on is 360.

wangdiddy823958d ago

looks cheesy and looks like every other FPS game out there. Ill stick with COD4 until haze and ut3 come out for my FPS needs

Xi3958d ago

you officially are the dumbest person on this site.

LeShin3958d ago

So you call him dumb because he doesn't like a game that you do? He can't have an opinion?

You sir, are an idiot.

sonarus3958d ago

dude halflife is a great game valve are talented individuals who made great games. as much as i hate em for screwin up ps3 you gotta give em credit for halflife

Xi3958d ago

he called it cheesy, one of the greatest franchises in gaming history, the winner of over 50 goty awards and one of the few games with superb story telling, great plot and a blast online. Cheesy, i don't care if he doesn't like it, but it's like calling Mcgee's alice 'happy' or conkers bad fur day 'kid friendly'.

DethWish3958d ago

Half-Life 1 is the best singleplayer FPS for PC ever imo.
This is a great sequel and should not be seen as "just another shooter".

It's too bad EA fcks up everything they put on the PS3 but I'm glad I also have a PC that can handle it.

lwsbrck3958d ago

...Every other FPS out there looks like Half life 2 :D

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