Still a chance of Batista being in WWE '12 according to THQ_Tank. Could it be the new Batista ?

THQ_Tank tweeted that there's a chance for Batista to be in WWE '12. The only thing that would make WWE '12 better than Batista is the new and improved Skinnytista.

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Relientk772242d ago

I swear he was on roids lol

Do u even remember how he left, he was in a wheelchair crying like a baby, it was pretty damn pathetic lol

sloth33952242d ago

he looks freaky that small

WooHooAlex2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Wow, he looks tiny now.
I guess that's what happens when you quit taking roids.

Dovahkiin2242d ago

Just look at those veins.

iXenon2242d ago

I hear he's trying to become an MMA fighter now. Batista, from what I've gathered, doesn't seem to want anything to do with the WWE. The whole reason he left was because he didn't like the way the company was going. It's like Goldberg being in the game.

He also has a mohawk and a large tattoo covering his back now. Freaky stuff

Bathyj2242d ago

180lb? Holy sh*t, is that even possible?

He weights less then Rey Mysterio.

iXenon2242d ago

Actually, he's 5 lbs. heavier. Maybe he's going to TNA for the X Division Championship

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