PSFocus Review of Uncharted 3 : Drake's Deception

The review of the upcoming game Uncharted 3 : Drake's Deception by PSFocus !

Points + :
- Story
- Gameplay
- Audio
- Graphics
- Multiplayer features
- Best in the franchise

Points - :
- None

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ArmGunar2463d ago

Almost perfect :P

Great review :)

Dante1122463d ago

Man, UC3 is the game I need.

CynicalVision2463d ago

Points - :
- None

If there are no cons then how can it not be given a perfect score?

El_Assenso2463d ago

Haha!! Good point!! No negetives, full of plus points but gets a 98!!! So did the 2 points get lost in translation???

ElDorado2463d ago

Apparently "none" is a con. Great score though!

El_Assenso2463d ago

LOL!! 'none' is a con!!! Bubbles for you sir!!

C0MPUT3R2463d ago

+Best In the Franchise.
I liked that point.

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