Unreal Tournament III: Gamespot's Video Review

UT3 is incredibly intuitive to control. Secondary to the feel is the particular recipe of features that make up this third Unreal iteration. The game modes are each classical (if they can be so-called) and instantly comprehensible.

Deathmatch comes with a bunch of exquisite maps, each one delivering the tenets of the old game perfectly: the maps are always circular so that fleeing and chasing never truly lands us at dead ends, while the distribution of items over the environment has been carefully studied. No spawn lands you too far from a decent weapon, and no powerful power-up is placed anywhere that isn't dangerous to get to. This consistency wobbles a bit in the other maps, but generally it's entirely well judged and playtested to the smoothest of rides.

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macsto3955d ago

So... Yeah... GOW > UT3?

felman873955d ago

3rd person vs 1st person is like apples to oranges
Graphically, UT3 is better

mesh13955d ago

ut3 does not come close to gears of war on the 360 let alone the pc version ut3 graphically failed reven halo 3 vehicle phsics/particle/explosion/game play owns ut3 in defferent ways that makes ut3 seems unfinish and ps i diont even love halo that much but it own ut3 in multiplayer god i was expecting somethign better than what epic delivered and this was a great franchise

Asylumchild3955d ago

He mentioned that the game is big on modding? Iv heard that the ps3 owners will beable to get these Mods.. But what kind of Mods are they talking about?

Skerj3955d ago

Modding makes the game infinitely customizable. Small things like weapon, vehicle, map, and character additions. To large things like entirely new gametypes, and total conversions. So anything that modders make for the PC version of UT3 is playable by the PS3 version simply by exporting it to use on the PS3.

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