Battlefield 3 - Corrupted shadows and stuttering are introduced with Nvidia's 285.62 drivers

DSOGaming writes: "Battlefield 3 is the big star of these days and as we reported earlier today, Nvidia released some new drivers that are specifically optimized for it. Well, that’s what the green team states because in our testings we found out that these new drivers introduce two issues that might be related. To be more precise, the game suffers from major stuttering and corrupted shadows when they are set to the Ultra settings"

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gravemaker2187d ago

never seen anything like it, guess im lucky

john22187d ago

It only affects those owning a card from the GeForce 8,9,200 series

Frenza2187d ago

Hope that they get it fixed by friday when the game becomes available in eu. Had no problems with my GTX 285 while playing the BETA.

NuclearDuke2187d ago

Battlefield 3 - Corrupted shadows and stuttering are introduced with Nvidia's 285.62 drivers

Good catch Einstein.

Apocwhen2187d ago

But when it happened to RAGE, people blamed the game.
Funny how that works.

Sexual_Hrrsmnt_Panda2187d ago

ah rage sucks on both Nvidia and AMD.

I have a 6970 and rage is unplayable with even the latest drivers. The pop in makes it unbearable.

Apocwhen2187d ago

I've got a Nvidia 560 ti and have no pop-in

pucpop2187d ago

I haven't encountered any issues on Rage, maybe its affecting certain GPUs? I use a GTX570

thespaz2187d ago

This is the exact reason why I stopped gaming on PC. I was sick of issues like this cropping up.

Update drivers... one game breaks, the other one is fine.
Downgrade drivers to get the other game to run right, but a different game is messed up now.

I was sick of dealing with all of that crap.

I'm serious, I'm not making this stuff up. It's a mess.

The number 1 thing I hate about PC gaming is nothing is standard. There's no uniformity. Each game installs differently and has different requirements. So yeah, if you only play one game, you can really make that game shine but, play different games and when you fix certain issues in one, the other games have the possibility of getting screwed up.

At least on consoles, the game is going to be the same no matter what. Everyone has the same hardware configuration so it's up to the developers to use it the best way possible.