PS3 gets web security from Trend Micro

These days even console are not safe from malicious websites. That's why, Trend Micro has announced a new total Web security service for the Playstation 3. In addition, there would be free "Trend Micro Web Security for PS3TM" to be provided as the first service built for a gaming system to block malicious Web sites using URL filtering combined with Web reputation.

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mighty_douche3921d ago

then id expect to have problems.
the ps3 web browser is handy for check things out quickly, but i wouldnt use it for much else, the web belongs to the PC.

NeonSkull3921d ago

i use the ps3 browser all the time, normally i'll come down in the morning grab my pad off the table press the ps button, make a brew, then sit down on the couch and check out my usual round of website, its easy to use and i have a keyboard ready if i need it. I find it easy and fast and better than sitting in from off a lapop or desktop. i download all the podcast i listen to onto the harddrive. It does lack when compared to the pc but it is a lot better than the wii browser and i find it very useful. i dont play a lot pc games anymore so i guess the ps3 browser is just more conveinent for me.

wrote this reply on the laptop though cos i cant log into n4g on the ps3 but i can on the psp strange.

mighty_douche3921d ago

...,just saying that its obviously not to be used for some websites, porn/torrents/crack/patches websites like that.
but your right, for general web surfing it fits the bill perfectly.

FryTheSolid3921d ago

I thought that the only way to run code that is not signed by Sony on the PS3 is by installing other OS (cfr. Linux), and even then there are some limitations (no 3d acceleration...). Are all the viruses, worms, dialers, spywar etc. getting approved by Sony or something? I am not sure, but I think that the PS3 is the safest system on the net. Until the hackers find the way to run unsigned code, but it would be more probably used for piracy than to spread viruses.

It would be funny anyway to find out that virus makers find the security hole in the ps3 before the "backup" community :D

Monkeynator3921d ago

Many of the reasons browsers get updated today are due to security flaws. Whichever browser the PS3 browser is based on will have the same issues. Just because it is on the PS3 doesn't mean code can't run on it. The PS3 has Java, scripts, and we know the processor/environment (PPC, Unix).

Will I get some anti-virus protection for my PS3? Nahh, I'll rely on my firewall and the obscurity of the browser for now. There are easier targets than my PS3.

-SIXAXIS-3921d ago

Who actually uses the PS3 web browser? I know I don't so I don't need virus protection.

NeonSkull3921d ago

its not virus protection, it block sites that might contain viruses. i use the browser all the time, see my post above.