PC Gaming: Death and Rebirth

“I remember PC gaming.” That simple statement might elicit a variety of responses depending on whom you're talking to. Some people might solemnly nod their head and agree with the sentiment. Some may fervently repudiate any remark that referred to PC gaming in the past tense. Others might simply remark “... wait, haven't people always played games on their PCs? And I play World of Warcraft now, what's the big deal?” All of the responses are correct... from a certain point of few.

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donniebaseball2343d ago

PC gaming has changed - that's for sure. I've always been more of a console guy myself though.

JonahNL2342d ago

PC gaming has never been dead. It has simply changed over the many years. It's still the superior platform in terms of graphics and controls, but it's no longer a priority for most developers.

This saddens me, because Battlefield 3 truly shows what a PC game is capable of. We've only seen a handful of games that rival Crysis in terms of graphics. Why? Because the consoles are holding the PC back. We need a new generation of consoles. In fact, in the past we would've had a new generation already. It's been six years...

reynod2342d ago

Well PC gaming always has the best of most genres if you look at it, and it covers most of the genres better then any console.

FPS- PC has superior multiplats, BF3 on PC this year shall raise the bar higher, there wont be a console FPS atleast until next gen that shall be able to rival BF3. FPS is also one of the most popular genres. Sure PC doesnt sell COD numbers like consoles do, however lets admit it aside COD no other FPS does so well on console either and most people buying COD are sheep, they buy it because their friends buy it.

RTS- PC is the only real option for this genre and is the uncontested king.

MMO- Again like RTS, anyone serious about playing an MMO only has the PC as an option.

Action / Adventure / 3 rd person shooters- Consoles do have the edge here however its not like the PC doesnt cover this genre. Most console exclusives are 3rd person shooters.

Simulators- Aside GT5 consoles dont really have many simulators. PC on the other hand has huge range of simulators ranging from flight sims to driving, its not even a contest PC easily wins.

I think its safe to say PC easily provides the widest range of gameplay and outdoes any other platform while doing so.

pctrollv42342d ago


Shadowaste2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

pc gaming accounted for 43% of all gaming revenue for 2009, it's even higher now, the next closest console is the wii with 24%

PC makes more money than 360 and ps3 combined....

it's never been anywhere close to dead, only in america do you hear stupid shit like that!

world of warcraft makes more money in a month than most console games do in 2 years!

bf3 is the best looking multiplayer game i have ever seen, it makes bfbc2 on pc look last gen, and bfbc2 maxed dx11 on pc looks better than any console game ever made

pc wins all!

Mr Tretton2342d ago

Yup, it's more that people just compare sales of certain games that do sell more on consoles, but overall PC has tons of choices of different types of games and many different types of gamers.