Batman: Arkham City Review [Trendy Gamers]

Trendygamers: The sequel to 2009′s Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City tries to make the Batman Universe into an immersive and successful videogame. After completing Arkham City, it’s safe to say that the team at Rocksteady, Warner Brothers and DC Comics has succeeded with flying colors. By Cole of Trendygamers.

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WolfLeBlack2313d ago

Hmm, I've been following you guys for a while now. A slight step up from what you've been posting, but this review needed some serious work.

Anyway, another high score for the game. Certainly looking like it could take the crown for the game with the highest average review score this year.

TrendyGamers2313d ago

What would help make it better? The reviewer would be happy to know.

And it looks like uncharted will take the crown of best review score based on all of todays reviews.

Relientk772313d ago

Another great score for Batman Arkham City


BootHammer2313d ago

Amazing game! Love it...

ASTAROTH2313d ago

Amazing game but a tad overrated. Arkham Asylum was better IMO.