Details Emerge For Console Version of Minecraft

Since the announcement that a console version of Minecraft was announced there’s been precious little information to be had, well the silence has been broken now thanks to Stuart Platt, one of the producers over at Microsoft Studios (NewBreedOfNerd on twitter). Here’s the details that have been announced so far:

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farhad2k82336d ago

Skrillex: "YESS!! OH MY GAWDDD!".

tickticktick2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

This game is like crack.

Not that I know what crack is like... just saying.

LoL @ disagree. Must be pissed because it's a 360 console exclusive.

Elwenil2336d ago

No word yet on if it will have survival mode? Honestly, that's the biggest letdown of the Minecraft Pocket edition for Android phones. Creative mode is interesting for a while, but there is no challenge to it so it sort of falls flat. Hopefully the 360 version will have both modes.

LoneWanderer092336d ago

Hopefully it comes to PS3 soon, if not i just purchase it for the PC