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Platyer Affinity writes: "There are literally hundreds of tower defense games available for PC gamers, but Dungeon Defenders aims to make itself stand out with a fresh new gameplay formula that combines both elements of hack and slash RPGs, MMOs and tower defense games to give gamers something they haven’t played before. Dungeon Defenders began its life as a small indie tower defense game that its developers, Trendy Entertainment, expanded into a full fledged title released on all major digital distribution platforms (XBLA, PSN, iOS Appstore). Although the game was first released on the PC, the full PC version of the game has only just been released on Steam."

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BritneyJ2370d ago

Really good deal right now on Amazon:
Twenty percent off, plus you get an exclusive pet.
Seems like a really fun game, reminds me of Orcs Must Die. For those who tried it, what are your thoughts, and would you recommend it?

maawdawg2370d ago

Quite honestly, it probably the best $15 I have spent on a game this year. It is a perfect mix of coop, loot, action, and strategy.

It is very co-op based, to the point that two of the classes only work really well in co-op actually. It had a bit of a rough launch but they have already put 4 patches out and the game is running smooth, besides that they have already implemented fixes and upgrades from suggestions on their forums.

There are a few game modes, 4 difficulties, 4 classes, challenges, survival, "strategy mode" where you play straight tower defense with no combat, and a lvl 70 cap so you could literally get 100s of hours out of it.

At least demo it through steam but it is really worth a buy.