Devil May Care (A look at DmC from a Devil May Cry fan)

"SSS! During TGS 2010, this no longer meant “SUPER SMOKING STYLISH!” to many fans of the beloved Devil May Cry series.

Myself included." writes TamarindLAZ

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ABizzel12432d ago

I may be one of the few people who liked the old DMC's who's looking forward to this reboot. DMC 1 was great because it was new and fresh. DMC 2 was ok. DMC 3 was the best in the series. DMC 4 had some high points, but overall the series fell off for me. I felt myself grinding through the game and didn't really enjoy it. It was all about killing the demons, and moving on, and the story was minimal at best.

This new DmC seems like it'll be the first DMC to offer a deep story of who Dante is which is what a true DMC fan should be proud of, and most excited about. Making Dante half demon and half angel is an interesting take and is used to offer different game play mechanics. The only thing anyone should be worried about is the combat, and from the trailers it look acceptable. Not DMC, but acceptable, hopefully Capcom really steps in on this part of the game and give us DMC but something fresh at the same time.

Quagmire2432d ago

Ninja Theory take story and character very seriously when making games which is why this DmC game could be a very refreshing take on the DMC franchise.

THATS why they had to change quite a few things to get the origin story perfect and make sense. I mean there was so many weird shit happenening in DMC4, you never knew what was going on or why shit was happeneing, because the story/character/designs took a backseat in compared to gameaplay.

"Why are you fighting a giant statue thing with a character who looks like Dante's younger twin but with a demonic arm? Fuck knows but it looks badass!" Im guessing thats the kind of logic which went behind the processes of making the DMC series.

Now NT seem to want to balance all aspects of the game coherent into a coherent package.