Battlefield 3 - NO restrictions or bans on using a VPN to unlock the game earlier

DSOGaming writes: "Battlefield 3 has just been released in some countries, while the European release is officially slated to be unlocked on Friday 28th. Well, if you can’t wait until then, let us tell you that you can use a VPN to unlock the game earlier. What’s more interesting though is that there won’t be any restrictions or penalties if you decide to use this method of unlocking your game."

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Dart892223d ago

I can see all players doing this right now:D.

TheSoundDefense2223d ago

I can't help but get the sense that there's a "...for now" at the end of this.

rajman2223d ago

Im from the UK, so I can buy the game from Origin and use this method to unlock it and play RIGHT NOW?

Brawler2223d ago

I just got an email saying bf3 release was changed to the 24 which is today

john22223d ago

Yeap, some users got this mail. Obviously EA wants to avoid this VPN method so they are changing the release date ;)

vandal GAB2223d ago

I so hope they changed the date having to wait until the 28th in the UK is ridiculous!!

john22223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Nope. The release date changed for most US citizens. Here is hoping that the European release will also be changed

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The story is too old to be commented.