Strict PC piracy measures here to stay: 2K Australia

2K's BioShock has been one of this year's most well-received games by both critics and fans, but many PC gamers were angered by the game's lengthy install process which required users to download files from 2K's servers for the game to initially run. At launch 2K's patch servers seemed to have a tough time, going down for several hours as eager gamers tried to install their copy.

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gamesR4fun3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

fact is the ripped version bypassed this heck it ws out in record time and guess what the pirates didn't have to pray for the server to release the patch...

IMO Games that employ these useless yet draconian measures in hopes of cashing in a couple extra sales don't deserve our hard earned cash.
If only Bioshock wasn't such a great game....

Bullseye3921d ago

100% on this one. Trouble with this kind of technique is it never hits the people its intended to. Hacks already have the ripped version up and running. It's the poor saps that buy the game in good faith, then have to go through these lengthy procedures that often don't work anyway. In these instances, i can understand people getting the hacked version. Personally, i just don't buy games protected in this way.

Gorgon3921d ago

Exactely. Oblivion wasn't copy protected and sold tons of copies. Hear that 2K? People who download pirated games would not buy those games anyway.

2K Games are a bunch of retards. What happens is that I certainly am not going to pay for a game that I can install only a few times. I bought Bioshock and if this continues its the last 2K game for me. I guess they are encouraging more piracy instead of combating it.