Build your Battlefield 3-ready PC rig for under $800

VGW: A complaint I hear often as a PC gamer is that gaming rigs are too expensive. Well, sir, you’re probably thinking of something like this beauty: Alienware™ Aurora™ . How much will this machine set you? Oh… just $1200.00. It’s specs: Core i5-2300, 6GB DDR2, dual 1GB Geforce 545, 1TB HDD, 24x DVD burner, and a cool Alienware case. I’m here to tell you that you can still have a gaming rig that will make Battlefield 3 (and other games) sparkle on Ultra, and not have to sell a kidney on Ebay.

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Kran2339d ago

Bit late for that now. Games out tomorrow.

Course theres nothing stopping you from building one anyway. I did ;)

I love it! Little noisy but I have a headset that gets rid of that sound ;P

Shadowaste2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

i built my most recent rig on the kitchen counter while i was making taco's at the same time (i have like a 20x28 kitchen with over 30 feet of counter so it's not like tace sauce was splashing in my mobo or anything)

but the pc was completely built before the taco's were done! It's that easy, if you can make lego sets you can build a pc.

it literally takes 15 min. to assemble the hardware, and another 15-20 for software driver setup with win7 and a fast internet connection.

I could have 20 pc's built before midnight tonight easily ready to go.

@ Son_lee below

"That's $800 I could spend on games for my console" sub-hd, jaggie covered games you could buy with that $800, PASS!!!

I'd rather be playing games in 1080p, with no jaggies, 64 players instead of 24, way cheaper games.
I make that $800 back in just over a year in the money I save on buying the pc version of games.

They look better, they are cheaper, they have mods!

i have over 135 steam games and over 300 boxed pc games, like 4 ps3 games and ten 360 games, why??? I rent console games, they have no mods, many are only 10 hours, and the online usually dies in a month or two unless its halo, gears ect.

DarkBlood2339d ago

lol lego set comparison i dont know man its easy to do that because every part fits no matter where you put it

not everyone has the brains to know which goes where etc etc without screwing something up in the process and money gone down the toliet cuz of thier mistakes can be a very big turn off

fluffydelusions2339d ago

I'm happy playing it on console but I'm sure PC guys will love it also.

Son_Lee2339d ago

That's $800 I could spend on games for my console.

Kran2339d ago

At the same time, buying a good PC is also saving you having to BUY a new console. - That is what a PC fanboy would say.

Sure, when the next xbox and next PS comes out, ill still buy them. I aint a fanboy.

Crazyglues2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

@ Son_Lee


True that is a good point, that's almost 12 games.. if you bought them all new @ 65 bucks, but if you waited a little and get them for like 50 bucks each that would be like 16 games.. wow, now that's sweet.

then you would almost be close to my collection -


Soldierone2339d ago

Exactly my motive too. I was going to get a new gaming PC as well, but decided against it when I realized I don't have enough money for all the Fall games anyways.

josephps32339d ago

I have to agree with Son_Lee. If games cost $60 then $800 will net you 13 titles. If you're smart and wait till price comes down to $40, which usually only takes 2-3 months then you can grab 20 titles!

I don't know how many games other people buy but I usually buy about 10 titles per year. That means I can buy all the games I want to play for the next 2 years from now. Or put it in another way, I can buy as many games as I want until the next generation consoles are released.

Hmmmmm my options:
A) PC that lets me play the same game but with just better graphics but not vastly better than consoles.
B) Be able to get enough games from now till the next generation console comes out.

You have to be stupid or have lots of money to burn to choose option A.

Coach_McGuirk2339d ago

"but not vastly better than consoles" - that's very disagreeable. You'd be playing next generation NOW, instead of waiting for the next generation consoles.

Apotheosize2339d ago

Thats why adults have jobs

solar2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

i bought my new rig and ill buy games on Steam for cheap, the way i want to, using ventrilo for communication with my squad of mates. :)

i got GTAIV, Dirt 2, Alpha Protocol and Resident Evil 5 for under $7.50, FO:NV for $19 and all the DLC for $2/piece, Just Cause 2 for $10. Borderlands, Bioshock 2, and Portal 2 for $33, ME:2 for $20. i could go on and on. Steam saves me more then enough money to buy games and a great gaming rig :D

HammockGames2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Gotta' love Steam. They've saved me a small fortune over the years.

I rarely pay more than $10-15 for a new game (and often less than that). Just wait few months or so and a fire sale inevitably comes. Can't think of a game where that hasn't been the case (CoD perhaps?).

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SeraphimBlade2339d ago

You do that with $800. I will buy a console and eight other games. We will see who has more fun.

Dovahkiin2339d ago

Each to their own in my opinion, I play on console at the moment, but I'm getting a good PC for skyrim. Just take into account what else computers can do, jus' sayin.

kramun2339d ago

I bought all the GTA games the other day for £5 off Steam. Point me in the direction where you can do that on console.

Dovahkiin2339d ago

Just thought, imagine how p***** off someone would be if they'd bought GTA IV before the sale..

Steam like throwing games at people, which is a great thing (If you have enough HDD space).

kramun2339d ago

True, what was strange is GTA4 and the episodes were going for over £8 at the time on their own.

But I won't complain, I got Portal for nothing at one time.

That would never happen on a console store. Unless the network went down, I might get a couple of games then.

SITH2339d ago

I am trying not to be lazy in my future purchase or build of a computer. But I have $4k to blow on a PC and it is burning a hole in my pocket. My brother (Redhemi300c on n4g) is to busy to build one for me given he has more experience building PC's. So I may just buy a gaming rig.

KiLLeRCLaM2339d ago

I think that if you're going to invest in a PC. "GO ALL OUT" .. Best decision I made.. Yes it's damn expensive but worth it for me and you if you can save about $4000

SITH2339d ago

I have been out of the loop on Pc's ever since I got my xbox and xbox live, back in 2002. I am determined to get back into it with the greatest hardware.

iamgoatman2339d ago

I'd wait until the enthusiast next gen GPUs roll out early next year and just BLOW IT ALL IN ONE GO!

SITH2339d ago

I think I can float on my 360 for another year then.

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