The Backlog: Fallout New Vegas

Default Prime's new weekly column writes: "I bought Fallout: New Vegas the day it came out, but I was afraid to play it. Not afraid of the ghouls or giant scorpions; afraid that I’d lose all semblance of productivity. My backlog of un-played games is extensive and I didn’t want to tackle another RPG with a hundred hours of gameplay. Eventually I broke down and blasted through the main storyline, murdering my way through each mission in an effort to minimize the amount of time I’d spend roaming the Mojave Wasteland. Since that quickie run-through, there have been four story-based DLC packs, and two item packs released. I bought them all as they came out, but never found the time to try them, since Obsidian makes content faster than I can play it. Recently I resigned myself to sinking another fifty hours or so into re-exploring New Vegas to see how the game has changed since launch."

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Bolts2311d ago

I still haven't finished this game. There's just way too much content. But after after a while my character becomes a wasteland god and the content becomes kinda meaningless.

Trenta272311d ago

That was the one problem with that series. After awhile, no matter the difficulty, it wasn't very challangeing after a certain point. Even with the hardcore mode.

JimboG2311d ago

Damn, I remember being so excited for this game. After I took care of the checkered suit guy I kinda fell off b/c there was like 11 missions all in my pip boy.