Gamereactor Denmark: Uncharted 3 Review

Gamereactor Denmark writes: The production values are incredible. This is truly an amazing game to look at. This time around the story feels a bit more like something you could get away with if it was a tv-series - too many loose ends and not something that fits a game release schedule. Drake is still great to look at, and the multiplayer is a blast. And you know more than anyone if that is enough for you.

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Dante1122429d ago

Still a 94 on metacritic surprisedly. UC3 is doing pretty well.

_DarkCharizard_2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Joking aside, no, there is nothing surprising about this. I never expected it to outshine its predecessor but a mid 90's range was expected.

But why r u even talking about review aggregation? Some of the reviews are downright fanboy and pathetic. Everyone knows Greg Miller from IGNorant is a dorky weak manchild loser who is biased towards playstation and sony so yeah... don't expect credibility from metacritic. Remember, a wise man once said:

"The best reviewer, is yourself."

PirateThom2429d ago

Yes, yes, it must be fanboy reviewers.

Bitter much?

Dante1122429d ago

IGN is now biased to Sony? LOL. Also why the heck do you guys keep reporting the ***Gamereactor Sweden*** (10) review as duplicate to the article?

Danteh2429d ago

lol, FAIL review, not much more to say.

smashcrashbash2429d ago

Wow, where did that come from? Why does it sound like you are defending this lower score like your life depended on it? We all know UC2 got a few lower scores too. So what?

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Karooo2429d ago

Read the submitters post history guys.

Jobesy2429d ago

And...did you think if the review didn't get approved it would magically go away off metacritic lol?

Shazz2429d ago

the game is getting 10s and 9.5s left ,right and centre so the odd few 8s are not a problem at all coz not everyone who reviews uncharted will love it as much as some people like myself and many others will

The Iron Sheik2429d ago

LOL 360 fanboys always go out of their way to find the lowest score for a PS3 exclusive and post it on N4G.

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