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Gamekult writes: In late 2009, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves arrives on PS3, grabbing a quick one the title of GOTY (Game of the Year - Game of the Year) and the most beautiful game console that can hold be to this day. It is with a pretty huge pressure on the shoulders that Naughty Dog offers us Uncharted 3: The illusion of Drake, a product that has an obligation to do even better than its excellent predecessor. A bar placed high, but it should still be remembered that nothing scares Drake.

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Agent Smith2130d ago

I guess we know why they're a kult.

2130d ago
-Alpha2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

How do you know IGN isn't a hit whore for giving UC3 a 10/10 and for milking the review over the weekend?

Maybe, just maybe, people have a difference of opinion?

Personally I don't care for the random sites like this one, but I wish people would stop getting upset over reviewers who may not give it the score you want. It only happens with the Uncharted reviews, never saw people defend Arkham City or Battlefield when those games got <9 scores

buddymagoo2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

I'd like to know what games scored higher!? Currently 94 on Metacritic, Well done Naughty Dog!

Alpha and Logic have nothing but praise for games like Gears 3 but Uncharted 3 and all the spite seems to flow, strange? And to think you both consider yourselves neutral.

LOGICWINS2130d ago

"How do you know IGN isn't a hit whore for giving UC3 a 10/10 and for milking the review over the weekend?"

Hit the nail right on the head Alpha.

-Alpha2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )


What I despise is the majority here who are hawking every Uncharted review and shredding any negative they see to pieces as either non-essential or "nitpicking" I can already tell that if anybody dares to criticize UC3 they are going to get torn, people have built up a huge wall around Uncharted 3 and any opposing opinion is treated as factually incorrect.

If people are going to attack UC3 review sites I expect consistency for the other games. Yet I don't recall so many people criticizing the nitpickings in AA or BF reviews. Instead I'm hearing people bickering that it "only" happens to PS3 games, despite the fact that they "only" pay attention to the PS3 reviews. That's what I "spite"

Kingdom Come2130d ago

"websites giving uc3 lower than 9 are clearly hits whores .... ign 10 and gametrailers 9.5 is a proof ...."

IGN before today received nothing but hate from the N4G Community and Gametrailers gave Modern Warfare 2 9.5.

E2M2130d ago

@ -Alpha how many games does ign actually give a 10? probably about 5-6 in their existance. They don't need the hits the site is big enough as it is get plenty of attention. It would be hypocritical though to agree with them if they gave a 10 but rage at them if it were to have been lower

Bathyj2130d ago

Did someone say Logic considers himself "neutral."


Yeah, I see him in PS3 threads spreading his neutrality all the time. /s

badz1492130d ago

and then BAMMM 8/10! doesn't that mean 9 and 10 or even 8.1 is impossible? or are they not really understanding the meaning of the word "BEST"?

BattleAxe2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Gamekult are a bunch of NOOBS. Here are some other ratings they've given to some other games:
Uncharted 3............................. .8/ 10
God of War Collection.................8/1 0
Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection.8/10
BatMan: Arkham City...................8/10
Gears of War 3........................8/10
Splinter Cell: Conviction.............7/10
Fallout: New Vegas....................7/10
Portal 2............................. .... .7/10
Gran Turismo 5........................7/10
LA Noire......................... .....7/10
Infamous 2............................. ..7 /10
God of War Origins Collection......6/10
Mafia 2............................. ... ..5/10

Gamekult is a waste of time.

SilentNegotiator2129d ago

Gamekult are one of the few idiots that Sony actually had to blacklist (Kotaku also being on there). I'll take any of their reviews with a barrel full of grains of poo.

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WolfLeBlack2130d ago

Reviewers are perfectly allowed to give games a score lower than 10, I hope you realise?

fluffydelusions2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

But what qualifies one as a reviewer? They need to have credibility. You can't just go trusting anyone.

WolfLeBlack2130d ago

@fluffy. True, you can't just trust anyone, but a review is ultimately an opinion of a game, no matter how neutral the reviewer remains, and so not every score for this game is going to be a ten :)

Brownghost2130d ago

Exactly it's their opinion everyone should just chill and if they don't like the score then don't care and get the game.

SilentNegotiator2129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

Before pulling out the "It's jus their opinionz!" card, understand this:

Gamekult has been blacklisted by Sony.
Thus they did not receive an early copy.
And the earliest release date isn't until the first of November.

So they either bought a copy off of another, more credible reviewer, or they don't actually have a copy.

They've at least been established as being a malicious site, and on top of that, they might be outright lying and basing their review off of others'.

So I wouldn't so much call this their "opinion" as much as their typical load of garbage.

Make sure to know the site before defending any "opinion" from anyone with a mouth or working fingers and a keyboard.

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coolbeans2130d ago

You haven't even played it yet.

Tarantino_Life2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Neither have you to defend it ( The review )

coolbeans2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )


You need to understand how to argue. Let me help you out, in my first reply "You haven't even played it yet" I'm insinuating that gravemaker's post "8 is way too low" has no grounds since HE hasn't played the game yet. Never did I state my knowledge on the game or the review itself, only stating that since the game isn't out yet gravemaker has no right to assume what score is "too low" (neither do I).

I beg of you, stop trying to make condescending statements when you have no reason to do so. This community could at least ACT civilized once and a while.

Dante1122130d ago

They gave GeOW3 an 8 too.

stvn_k262130d ago Show
LOGICWINS2130d ago

"we all know uncharted 3 is a better game!!"

Blatant fanboyism

buddymagoo2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )


According to metacritic Uncharted 3 currently IS the better game. Why are you so quick to call people out?

U3 -94 GeoW3 -91

Obelisk922129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

Uncharted does some things right, GeoW does some OTHER things right.

That's fair. Which one is better is up to you: if you prefer a breathtaking, cinematic experience, then Uncharted is your game; but if you like some pure hardcore TPS gaming, GeoW is more like it.

They're both polished and extremely good games, so... just make a choice and play.

I personally like Uncharted more, i find it more entertaining, but another person could easily like GeoW more. It's a matter of tastes, guys.

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Obelisk922130d ago

They like to give low (and with "low" i mean "below average) scores for hits. They gave LBP a 7, for example.

Just ignore them.

french_one2129d ago

7/10 is below average ? New mathematics !

Oner2129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

Reading comprehension ~ Look into it...what he said is correct.

Simply put for the simple minded - If the average of a game is 95% than a 70 or even 80% is "below average".

It's really not that hard to understand. And is completely valid when you look at the whole picture CORRECTLY.

Obelisk922129d ago

Thanks Oner, exactly what I meant. lol

Obelisk922129d ago

I agree on this, but for videogames it has been like this since the beginning.

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francknara62130d ago

Gamekult is perfectly neutral website (maybe a little oriented PC and Nintendo).
Trunks, the reviewer, is neutral at 100%. He loved the game, but was hoping more surprises of gameplay...
I'm not agree with him, but i respect his opinion.

Gamekult is surely one of the best sites for reviews, if you don't just read the score...

P_Bomb2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

I wholeheartedly disagree. Gamekult and I have never, EVER shared the same tastes/verdicts. From their site:

Heavy Rain...6/10
Yakuza 3...6/10
Yakuza 4...7/10
Uncharted Drake's Fortune...7/10
inFamous 2...7/10
Resistance FOM...7/10
Resistance 2...7/10
Resistance 3...7/10
Killzone 3...7/10
Gran Turismo 5...7/10
Motorstorm Pacific Rift...7/10
Motorstorm Arctic Edge...7/10
Motorstorm Apocalypse...7/10
Demon's Souls...8/10
Even a collection like ICO/SOTC Collection...8/10

Assembly line scores. U3 looks to be no exception.

People talk about Edge a lot, but if all those 7/10s aren't a red herring for just dialing it in, I don't know what is.

ksense2130d ago

seems like a genuine hatred for ps3 exclusives as far as i am concerned