How the Vita Might Bite You in the Ass

Brian Ashcraft: When Sony revealed the PS Vita's pricing earlier this year, the WiFi only model was announced for US$249.99 and the 3G/WiFi model was announced at $299.99. That's true. That's how much the hardware costs. But if you want to play some great games, then ready your wallet and pony up cash.

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JoeReno2462d ago

Kotaku doing what it does best.

RememberThe3572462d ago

They make a good point though. The memory card is an issue for people planing on picking up the device.

MaxXAttaxX2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Everyone with a PSP bought memory cards.

Most games save within the game card. But come on, who's gonna buy a device with video, music, photo and app functions and not take advantage of it by not buying a memory card.
Not really an issue if you know what you're buying, lol.

And to no one's surprise, Kotaku did a direct conversion from Yen to dollars.

CloseSecond2462d ago

@Nathan: when the PSP launched at least they included a 32MB card for games saves. They should include at least a 2GB card with the Vita.

MaxXAttaxX2461d ago

No they didn't. Maybe in special bundles they did, but normally a memory stick was never included with a PSP.

The rest of my previous statement still stands.

RememberThe3572461d ago

I bought a PSP at launch and it came with a 32mb memory card, I still have in fact. That wasn't a random bundle, it was a standard "value pack".

MaxXAttaxX2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Right, it was a value pack.
The core pack didn't come with one.

So far we know the PS Vita won't include one as the core pack. Maybe they'll have a value pack announced at some point too.

miyamoto2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

did not bother reading the article knowing its kotaku. if its too expensive people, do yourselves some favors & find your way around it, bundles or wait. what matters is you did your best & are satisfied.

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NewMonday2462d ago

the Vita comes with a free memory card doesn't it?

JellyJelly2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Telling the truth about the Sony Vita?

Have fun paying $124 for a memory stick.

Wintersun6162462d ago

Converting the Japanese prices straight to USD is not how it works, it's a lot more expensive in Japan and everybody knows that. Also there will be smaller and thus cheaper memory cards than the 64GB one too.

MaxXAttaxX2462d ago

What kind of ignorant statement is that?

cpayne932462d ago

It would actually be cheaper to get a big memory stick in the long run because psn titles will be cheaper than retail.

Canary2462d ago

It's always better to start big.

The problem lies in A) the fact that memory cards for the Vita are a proprietary format--a concept that ought to have died out decades ago, and B) the high cost.

Sony's Vita cards cost about 5 times as much as SDHC cards of identical size. The only people who can look at that and not realize they're getting ripped off (or ****ed up the *** with a *****) are the blindest of fanboys.

LightofDarkness2462d ago

It's the same old song. The Vita obviously costs more than $250, but getting people to buy the thing en masse at anything over $300 will be nearly impossible. So to keep the sticker price attractive, they undersell the machine itself. This gets people interested in buying it, they'll speak to the sales clerks, get sold on the device, commit to buy it (mentally) and then at the register they are told that the machine NEEDS a memory card to be utilized effectively, so the user, already committed to buy, just doesn't balk at the idea of plopping down another wad for the card (begrudgingly, most likely).

It's an age old tradition for new consoles, overpriced launch period accessories. It's how the manufacturers make some of the money they lose per sale back. The lack of any memory unit is a bit more unfriendly than not including a second controller, though :p

jujubee882462d ago

PS Vita will bite you IN THE FACE!

Holy crap! That thing has more muscle power in its CPU than some people have in their entire body.

Point is, do not put your dinky in the PS Vita slot unless you want a vasectomy. THAT'S ALL I'M SAYIN'!

nevin12462d ago

This whole when you do/dont need a memory card to save was Sony's plan along. They fooled people with the $249-$299 price tag.

danny8182462d ago

they are doing this for two reasons:

1) they had to find a way to lower the price tag
2) its a big leap towards anti-piracy measures

Im till picking it up, people who are complaing are either nintendo fan boys, or people who don't work and need to save up cash.

SuperSaiyan42462d ago

There's still plenty of people that DO work and still couldn't justify paying these prices because unlike some other people they are not stupid...

mr_epsym_knird2462d ago

I guess people who bought Iphones which are practically more expensive than a Vita and a 3DS which cost around the same during its launchg were stupid too.

danny8182461d ago

u can call me stupid but the VITA IS SEXY!!! aint nothing justifying THAT!!! and yeah i amd aware some people do work, that part was for kids who are complaining about prices

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