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GameZone's Mike Splechta reviews the controversial game, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, which uses purchaseable toys to unlock characters in-game. Though the game itself isn't very groundbreaking in terms of gameplay, the tech behind it surely is. It's a fun dungeon crawler that's even better when you have a friend along for the journey.

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TheSanchezDavid2407d ago

I saw a big box with this game and the dragon toys in at Target the the other day. Suffice it to say that I wanted it hard. =P

JsonHenry2407d ago

Isn't this the game that is gonna let xbox, ps3, and wii player play together online? Or am I completely wrong?

chanmasta2407d ago

Somewhat correct. You can't "play together online", however you can share data that was created on one console on another console.
So, make a character on the Wii, and take the data over to a friend's house and use the same character on their PS3 or 360.

JsonHenry2407d ago

Ah, thanks for the helpful reply man.