Brash Games - Rage PC Review

Jonathan Sutherland of Brash Games writes "It’s time to enter a vast wasteland filled with danger. Rage is a game published by Bethesda and developed by the almighty id Software, and it’s fast-paced, hard hitting FPS shooter".

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bens2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Ok, this review is right on, but well, id give this game
a 9.2 or so. The atmosphere sucks you in and makes you
want to play more. Graphics are gorgeous, AI amazing,
guns etc splendid. I beat the game in 13 hrs or so and am
going to play it again, I rarely rarely play games over
that's how much I liked it.

I read review of this game on amazon nd other sites
that say oh this game is unplayable, ugly and
not fun at all. And you call yourself gamers?
Really? Yes there are pop ins, but they can be overlooked. I played this with no problem on an I7 prrocessor,
8GB ram and a Geforce. It deserves at least 8.5 or better.

I don't care if its a do this, fetch that game, so was

I recently read that Doom 4 may get postponed because
of poor sales.... Oh god - don't cancel it ID.
Please make Rage 2 sooner than later. not 5 years down
the road.

Anyways, amazing game, form your own opinions.
Congratulations ID, you got a customer for life,
I'm pretty much sold on any game with your name on it.