PS3 Exclusives I Want to Play (From a 360 Gamer)

This is a list of awesome PS3 games from the perspective of an Xbox 360 gamer.

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fluffydelusions2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

If I was a 360 only gamer I'd want to play it too. Fortunately though I'm not. UC2 was by far one of my favorite games EVER and I've been gaming since the mid 80's.

pangitkqb2406d ago

Wasn't expecting one of those. You'll know what I mean when you see it, haha.

The others, however, are all solid choices. I've played all of them and they are excellent titles.

gameplayingfool2406d ago

I haven't yet played heavy Rain. inFamous 2, btw, is one of my all time favorites and drastically underrated.

Can't wait to play the vampire expansion in a few days...just in time for Halloween!

Iroquois_Pliskin2406d ago

If he wants to play them so much, why don't you buy a ps3?

pangitkqb2406d ago

Iroquois...that is a great point.

People shouldn't limit themselves to a certain platform - funds permitting of course. There is just too much awesome gaming out there to miss out on.

EVILDEAD3602406d ago

'If I was a 360 only gamer I'd want to play it too. Fortunately though I'm not'

Unfortunately though you show up in every 360 article. Wonder why that is..kidding we all know why.

Up until the Slim dropped a couple of years ago I was a 360 and Wii gamer exclusively. I own 100+ 360 games and a pretty good clip of Wii games.

In the last two year I bought pretty much all of the big PS3 exclusive franchises.

From that list I'd throw Haze in the trash..

As a year one 360 owner, up until purchasing PS3, the on game I really wanted and felt was the biggest Sony exclusive was Metal Gear Solid.

After owning and playing all of the major exclusives, I'd say that Naughty Dog's Uncharted series is the top franchise this gen on the PS3.

Heavy Rain was a great game, but I wouldnt place it above God of War 3, Demons' Souls, or GTA 5 or Killzone 2 in regards to must-buy sony exclusives.

Both consoles have great franchise..IMO it's simply been amazing to own all 3 consoles this gen. Too many great experiences to count.


LarsoVanguard2406d ago

You listed Haze under your column entitled "ps3 hate".

Once you get to 2011 in your time machine, I suggest you check out some of the games that have come out in the recent timeframe.

EVILDEAD3602406d ago

@ Larso

'You listed Haze under your column entitled "ps3 hate"'

Read again and I quote..

From THAT list I'd throw Haze in the trash..

Which is coming from the perspective of the rest of the exclusives that COULD have made that list.

My opinion..still stands


evilunklebud2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

I have both, but if I was only on the 360, Uncharted without a doubt. Resistance never did it for me. I did really like Killzone 2 as well, but UC2 is king.

Bigpappy2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

The only PS3 exclusives that I would want to ply if I got a PS3 are UC and GOW series. None of those others interest me.

DatNJDom812406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Thankfully, u dont have one.

OT: I dont have any interest at all for any 360/wii games. In my opinion, all 360 games are overated.

PS3 and PC are all gamers need.

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coolbeans2406d ago

I finally came around to purchasing Haze, since I was enthralled by the "not-too-distant-future aspect" of the game. The only thing that stands out-for worse-is how is the abysmal dialouge. "Like taking candy from a crippled baby"? Who the hell would write that?

The rest of the list is basically true for anyone who hasn't purchased a PS3 yet.

pat_11_52406d ago

I agree with every title on this list, I really want to play Heavy Rain, but I just can't justify purchasing a PS3 for just one title.

kma2k2406d ago

I was telling a buddy at work today who is all about his 360 only, i was telling him about the uncharted series. I was telling him if you bought a ps3 you have to play uncharted, gow, infamous, & Heavy Rain. KZ & Resistance are good but not the games you say if you are only gonig to play one game on the ps3 i wouldnt say KZ or Resistance.

Also never touched Haze.

LarsoVanguard2406d ago

Just tell him to quit being a freaking dork, and not limiting himself by what corporate names are on the stupid hunk of plastic he owns.

Both steal your money, both are bloodsucking piles of shit, play the god damned games.

That's really the only way to not be a complete douche bag of a dong pile.

Pintheshadows2406d ago

Haze. God, why torture yourself. Timeshift was better than Haze and that's saying something as it was awful as well.

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