Is Microsoft's Kinect Kids Program Coming Too Late?

Gamasutra: "The introduction of the Kinect For Kids initiative certainly sounds wise, given the company's push in that direction. After all, who can argue with creating family-friendly titles with some of the biggest names in family entertainment? The problem is: When you look at Microsoft's longer-term goals, things become a bit squishier.

By offering games from Sesame Street, Pixar and other companies, Microsoft wants kids to get used to playing with Kinect - and develop a devoted attachment to the Xbox brand.

Unfortunately, Microsoft might be making its move a little too late to corral the kiddie audience."

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Godmars2902462d ago

If it gets parents to buy a 360+Kinect, does it matter?

Shadonic2462d ago

i see you alot on kinect posts <.<

Shadonic2462d ago

well no its not too late if they market it and somehow implement some sort of kinect activities for little kids that interact with popular cartoons or shows like power rangers kids will eat it up it all depends on how its done.