Six Must Have Features for Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Following the announcement of a second Rainbow Six Vegas game for early 2008, Gameplayer has taken a look at six features that must be included for the game to reach its potential. Six features for the sixth Rainbow Six.

"But gamers are rarely 100% satisfied with any product, and we've certainly spied many ways the second next-generation Rainbow Six Vegas can build on the promising groundwork of its predecessor."

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kr90913958d ago

All of those features must be implemented! This is next-gen not last-gen!

macalatus3958d ago

All those features don't mean jack sh!t if the online multiplayer lobby ain't that great. They should pretty much copy Resistance: FoM's online lobby! And I don't care if they get accused of ripping off Resistance, 'coz that will be one hell of a compliment!!

SlappingOysters3958d ago

I rate the way COD4 operates online. Finding loading up, finding and connecting to a game to painless... more so that Halo 3.

InMyOpinion3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

How about an original script? Vegas? Swat team? At night? Again? Hoo-ray for creativity!

Ubitronic Arts are starting to make me sick...

JosefTor3958d ago

I really want all the cars to not be Dodges this time around and to actually look better too. I know you want in game advertising but... Vegas lined with a mile of dodge cars? Talk about unrealistic and cutting into the game experience. I wish companies would actually use ingame advertising to enhance the gaming experience. How about Starbucks coffee cups on desks, name brand tvs... (that I can shoot), and more.

ElementX3958d ago

So after terrorists took over Vegas once, officials didn't learn the lesson and allowed it a second time?

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